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sakura(Drums) :from “ZIGZO” “Rayflower”
清(B/Vo):from “INSIDE ME” “ALvino” “森重樹一” “林田健司”
aie(Gt/Vo):from “the god and death stars” “highfashionparalyze” “KEEL”

2012.05.25 sakura 主催 [ 暗黒秋櫻 ] @CLUB PHASE -THE MADCAP LAUGHS 結成を表明 -
2012.11.20 sakura 主催 [ 暗黒秋櫻 ]@SHIBUYA O-WEST -1st 音源を会場限定発売 -
2013.05.19 aki 主催 [Khaos Rendezvous#3] @OSAKA MUSE w/aki(ex:Laputa)
2013.11.20 sakura 主催 [ 暗黒秋櫻 ] @SHIBUYA BURROW (SOLD OUT)& 新宿 LOFT -2nd 音源発売 -
2014.02.27 1st TOUR “帽子が笑う不気味に …” 全 5 公演
~ 03.05 名古屋・京都・和歌山・滋賀・浜松
2014.06.15 1st ALBUM RELEASE TOUR” 帽子が笑う不気味に …” 全 11 公演
~ 07.06 札幌・名古屋・大阪・盛岡・仙台・郡山・新潟・金沢・岡山・京都・高円寺
2014.07.06 TOUR FINAL 1st ONE MAN LIVE “向こう見ずな微笑み” @ 高円寺 HIGH
2014.08.06 ヨーロッパ最大のJ-ROCK レーベル「Gan-Shin/Okami Records」と契約し、
2015.04.09  LIVE DVD “向こう見ずな微笑み” / MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION “帽子が笑う不気味に…” 同時発売

THE MADCAP LAUGHS is a Japanese Rock band formed in Tokyo in 2012.
Founded in May 2012 by a drummer sakura (from ZIGZO),
vocalist and guitarist aie (from the god and death stars/ex:the studs),
and vocalist and bassist kiyoshi (from Juichi Morishige(ZIGGY)) joined the band.
They released 1st pre-debut EP in 2012 and released 2nd pre-debut EP in 2013.
In 2014, they’ve released 1st full-length album called ”THE MIDNIGHT LOVE”,
and toured nation-wide, from north to south, in 16 cities.
The band has also released live dvd and music video collection.